Facts & Figures
Educational Facilities Public Private Total
Day Care Centers 85 84 169
Preparatory 41 72 113
Secondary 27 39 66
Tertiary 2 7 9
Technical 1 12 13

Health Facilities Public Private Total
Hospitals 2 7 9
Health Centers 54 0 54
Lying-In Clinics 10 12 22
Physical Therapy 3 0 3

Recreational Facilities Total
Parks & Playgrounds 2
Covered Courts 70
Open Courts 31
Resorts 28
Hotels/Motels 3
Cinemas/Theaters 3
Cockpit Arena 1
Mission and Vision

Social Sector

We commit to ensure an efficient City Government, sustained by dignified and competent officials and employees working towards the fulfilment of our common goals and who adhere to the Ten Codes of Discipline.

Economic Sector

A corps of disciplined and competent civil servants dedicated to the efficient and effective delivery of basic services to an empowered citizenry driven by the ideals of responsible stewardship and committed to the principles of transparent, accountable and equitable governance.

Infrastructure and Utilities Sector

To achieve our common vision, we commit to ensure a cohesive community of empowered citizens and dignified public servants working together and adhering to a code of discipline in the fulfillment of our collective goals.

Environment and Land Use Sector

To achieve our common vision, we commit to ensure a cohesive citizenry sustained by dignified and world class officials and employees who are working together towards the fulfillment of our collective goals.



10 Codes of Discipline

  1. Godly
  2. Positive Thinker
  3. Creative
  4. Clean and Neat
  5. Agile/Swift
  6. Honest and Honorable
  7. Trustworthy
  8. Helpful/Charitable
  9. Patriotic
  10. Pro-Environment