Hon. REX Gatchalian


Elected 26th Mayor of Valenzuela City

As chief executive of Valenzuela City elected during the May 2013 midterm elections, he is determined to strengthen the availability of social and healthcare services for Valenzuelanos in all stages of life, from birth to old age.

His public service platform, better known as the “Five Pillars of Good Governance,” focused on the essential needs of his constituents: (1) Education, (2) Health and Social Services, (3) Housing, (4) Job Generation, and (5) Trade and Industry.

Mayor REX’s commitment to bring his idealisms to life needed only a short period to materialize.

His inclination to create chains of infrastructure made him Valenzuela City’s fastest-achieving chief executive to build the most number of government edifices in less than two years.

Among the infrastructure he concretized are the 48 barangay health stations (BHS) city-wide and the 14 Sentro ng Sama-Samang Serbisyo 3S Centers. It is also during his tenure that the ALERT Center, the Valenzuela City’s Peoples Park, and the Valenzuela School of Mathematics and Science became a solid reality. 


Plenty of Innovative ‘Firsts’

            A number of breakthrough programs were also developed under the term of Mayor REX. Through his innovative and proactive standpoint in promoting good governance, Valenzuela City conceived several unique, high-standard, and world class projects in the country today. These innovations include:

  •  3S Plus Electronic Terminal - the Philippines’ first electronic building permit application system
  • Bantay Estudyante – the first senior citizen-force multiplier group that protects the safety of children who walk their way to public schools
  • Bantay Ilog – the first local flood control arm that safeguards the city' rivers and creeks from pollutants
  • Barangay-Based Feeding Program (BBFP) – the local government’s free supply of nutritious, ready-to-cook food for malnourished children aged six months to five years, provided that their parents regularly bring them to the barangay health station for weighing, check-up and vaccination
  • Kitchen-on-Wheels – the mobile kitchen used by the City Social Welfare and Development Office (CSWDO) to immediately transport meals for typhoon victims or disaster-stricken communities 
  • Women’s Wellness Clinic, Mobile Medical and Dental Clinics, and Mobile Botika (pharmacy) – the city government’s mobile health facilities for medical missions and rescue operations
  • VPOW or Valenzuela Police-on-Wheels - the first mobile police precinct in the country
  • - the first job-matching website operated by a local government unit (LGU)


Quest for a More Liveable Valenzuela City

            After completing his projects for the 5 Pillars, Mayor REX’s second wave of undertakings focused on transforming Valenzuela City into a more liveable one. His notion of a ‘liveable city’ essentially implies the presence of a leveled up infrastructure network and integrated sound protocols on logistics and management that will enable the city to respond to disasters and other challenges - hence, the birth of the ALERT Center (Allied Local Emergency and Evacuation Response Teams). The ALERT Center is the brain of the disaster preparedness and response of the city, and the roof of the Valenzuela City Disaster Preparedness Office (DPO), the new Central Fire Station, Red Cross Volunteer Center, the Valenzuela City Command and Coordinating Center (VC-C3), and the VC Tent.


In 2014, Mayor REX started inaugurating the 3S Centers or the Sentro ng Sama-samang Serbisyo. The ‘little city halls’ house the fundamental satellite offices of the local government, such as the barangay health stations, fire substations, Serbisyo Centers (satellite offices for the payment of business permits, real property, and other government taxes), and many more.


On February 14, 2015, the city’s 17th Charter Day, Valenzuelanos’ much awaited Valenzuela City People’s Park was officially opened to the public.


The REX Persona

Born January 21, 1979, Mayor REX graduated Cum Laude in 2001 from the George Washington University in Washington D.C., United States of America, with a degree in Bachelor of Arts and Sciences in Political Science, with secondary fields of study in Marketing and Psychology.

In 2005, at the age of 26, he was elected President of Waterfront Hotels and Casinos, the country’s largest Filipino-owned first class hotel operator. Rather than settling for a comfortable, high ranking, and lucrative position as President of the said company, he instead chose to run for public office in order to serve his fellow Valenzuelanos.


Congressional Committees in the 14th and 15th Congress

In the 2007 elections, the people of the 1st District of Valenzuela City overwhelmingly voted for “Cong. REX”, as their Representative for the 14th Congress of the Republic of the Philippines, making him one of the youngest legislators.  Then a neophyte Congressman in the House of Representatives, Mayor REX sought to further ensure the protection of our Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW).

As Vice-Chairman for the Congressional Committee for Overseas Workers’ Affairs, he authored Republic Act 10022, also known as “An Act Amending R.A. 8042, otherwise known as the Migrant Workers and Overseas Filipinos Act of 1995”. The law mandates new policies for the further protection and genuine representation of our migrant workers.

He is also one of the principal authors of Republic Act No. 9576, or the law that doubles the maximum deposit insurance coverage by the Philippine Deposit Insurance Corporation (PDIC) from P250,000 to P500,000. It was also during his first term as Representative that he was elected as National Spokesperson for the political party Nationalist People’s Coalition (NPC).

In the national elections of May 2010, Mayor REX was re-elected as Representative of the 1st District of Valenzuela for the 15th Congress by a resounding majority vote of his constituents. He registered the largest electoral margin for the said position in Valenzuela’s history.

At the age of 31, he became the youngest member of the Commission on Appointments in history, and the only Congressional Representation from the City of Valenzuela to be part of said powerful institution. He also served as the Senior Vice-Chairman for the Congressional Committee on Games & Amusements.


Accolade Magnet

            Valenzuela City earned several citations under the leadership of Mayor REX. The citations profess the city’s economic accountability, liveability and disaster preparedness, outstanding employment and micro-entrepreneurship development programs, timely health and social protection policies, and sound implementation of peace and order advocacies.