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    Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering     
1 pc.  Pipeline infrastructure renewal and asset management   
1 pc.  Practical hydraulics and water engineering   
1 pc.  Handbook of civil engineering calculations   
1 pc.  Fundamentals of structural analysis   
1 pc.  Differential equations     
1 pc.  Construction skills     
1 pc.  Engineering economy     
1 pc.  Principles of geotechnical engineering   
    Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering   
1 pc.  Power grid operation in a market environment   
1 pc.  Power electronics and electric drives for traction applications   
1 pc.  Beginning and intermiediate algebra   
    Bachelor of Science in Social Work   
1 pc.  Family assessment handbook   
1 pc.  Human trafficking     
1 pc.  Generalist practice with organizations and communities   
    Bachelor of Science in Secondary Education Major in Mathematics   
1 pc.  A brief version: elementary statistics a step by step approarch   
1 pc.  Essentials of geometry   
1 pc.  Making and breaking mathematical sense   
1 pc.  A beginner's further guide to mathematical logic   
    Bachelor of Science in Secondary Education Major in Science   
1 pc.  Molecular biology     
1 pc.  Essentials of anatomy & physiology   
    Bachelor of Science in Information Technology   
1 pc.  Computer graphics    
1 pc.  Information technology managemnt   
1 pc.  A+ Guide to hardware: managing, maintaining, and troubleshooting   
1 pc.  Information security principles and practices   
    General Education     
1 pc.  AP world history     
1 pc.  North star listening and speaking   
1 pc.  Math concepts everyone should know   
1 pc.  National service training program   
1 pc.  Perspectives on diversity, equity and social justice in educational leadership   
1 pc.  Early childhood development programs, pratices, and policies   
1 pc.  Children's mental health & emotional well being in primary schools   
1 pc.  Information technology fundamentals  
1 pc.  Digital sociology     
1 pc.  Physical science     
1 pc.  An introduction to personality, individual diffre  
1 pc.  National development via national service training program (CWTS 2)   
    Proffesional Education   
1 pc.  The art of interactive teaching   
1 pc.  Disruptive classroom technologies   
1 pc.  Thinking critically about child development   
1 pc.  Teaching, coaching and mentoring about learners   
1 pc.  Expert teachers an international perspective   
1 pc.  Developing school readiness: creating lifelong learners   
1 pc.  Rethinking learning in an age of digital fluency   
1 pc.  Everyday courage for school leaders   
1 pc.  Positive pedagogy for pporting coaching   
1 pc.  How to run seminars & workshops: presentation skills for consultants,   
    trainers, teachers, and sales people   
    Bachelor of Arts in Communication studies Major in Theatre  
1 pc.  Acting onstage and off   
1 pc.  The actor training reader   
1 pc.  Brainball     
1 pc.  Global creative industries   
1 pc.  The professional actor's handbook   
    Bachelor of Science in Secondary Education Major in Social Sciences   
1 pc.  Introduction to quantitative data analysis in the behavioral and social sciences   
1 pc.  How can we solve our social problems?  
1 pc.  The social change model   
1 pc.  Food and Society     
    Bachelor of Science in Psychology   
1 pc.  Cases and exercises in organization development & change   


Approved Appropriation: Php 294,368.00