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    Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering     
1 pc.  Watyer resource engineering     
1 pc.  Illustrated handbook of fluid mechanics   
1 pc.  Fluid dynamics, computational modeling and applications   
1 pc.  Construction management   
1 pc.  Modern transportation systems and networks   
1 pc.  Advances in modeling of fluid dynamics   
1 pc.  Fluid mechanics: A concise introdustion   
1 pc.  Mechanics and characteristics of soil    
1 pc.  Applied computational fluid dynamics   
1 pc.  A tectbook of practical physics   
1 pc.  Up and running with AutoCAD 2017: 2D and 3D drawing and modeling   
1 pc.  Basic mechanics    
1 pc.  Highway maintence and management   
1 pc.  Fluid mechanics and hydraulic machines   
1 pc.  Environmental engineering - II   
1 pc.  Surveying     
1 pc.  Traffic design     
1 pc.  Civil Engineering hydraulics   
1 pc.  Algebra: the basic approach   
1 pc.  Computer Aided drafting using AutoCAD  
1 pc.  Applied Mechanics     
1 pc.  Integral calculus     
    Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering   
1 pc.  Theory and pratice of electrical machine design   
1 pc.  technical dreafting; intermediate   
1 pc.  Basic Electrical engineering   
1 pc.  Mathematics and ESAS pre-board solved problems   
1 pc.  Power electronics     
1 pc.  Basic electrical engineering   
1 pc.  Electrical power systems   
1 pc.  Installation, maintenance and repair of electrical machines and equipment   
1 pc.  Elements of electrical engineering   
1 pc.  Control circuits in power electrons   
1 pc.  Solid mensuration     
1 pc.  Analytic geometry     
1 pc.  Integral calculus     
    Bachelor of Science in Secondary education major in Mathematics   
1 pc.  Differential calculus; A work text   
1 pc.  Plane geometry with basic trigonemetry; a simplified approach   
1 pc.  Abstract algebra     
1 pc.  Elementary number theory   
1 pc.  Number theory: a primer   
1 pc.  Mathematical Statistics Volume 1  
1 pc.  Mathematical Statistics Volume 2  
1 pc.  Bsic Calculus     
1 pc.  Comprehensive mathematics activities and projects   
1 pc.  Pedagogy of physical sciences   
    Bachelor of Science in Secondary education major in Science   
1 pc.  Modern physics     
1 pc.  General chemistry 1 with laboratory manual   
    Bachelor of Science in Secondary education major in Social Science   
1 pc.  Rethinking the new world order   
1 pc.  Understanding basic concepts in political science   
1 pc.  Labor and legislation     
1 pc.  A textbook of resource geography    
1 pc.  General socilogy social, culture exploration, and gender sensitivity   
1 pc.  Human, urban geography and population distribution   
1 pc.  Understanding, Culture, Society and Politics   
1 pc.  Ethics and public relations   
1 pc.  Philosophy and logic of perdication   
1 pc.  Ethics     
1 pc.  Understanding culture, society, and politics; exploring the dynamics   
    of human diversity and adaption   
1 pc.  Introduction to world religions and belief systems  (3G)   
1 pc.  Introduction to world religions and belief systems  (Bernardo)   
    Professional Education  
1 pc.  Assessment of Student learning I   
1 pc.  Practical Quantitative research writing   
1 pc.  Research methods in education   
    Bachelor of Science in Information Technology   
1 pc.  Graphics and multimedia   
1 pc.  Intoduction to java programming   
1 pc.  Web engineering     
1 pc.  Network managemnt     
1 pc.  jQuery, CSS3, and HTML 5 for mobile and desktop devices   
1 pc.  Introduction to web technology   
1 pc.  Story boarding turning script to motion   
1 pc.  jQuery pocket primer    
1 pc.  Matlab: easyway of learning   
    Bachelor of Secondary Education Major in Filipino   
1 pc.  Bagay, gabay sa pagsususlat sa wikang Filipino   
1 pc.  Komunikasyon at pananaliksik sa wika at kulturang Pilipino   
1 pc.  Mabisang gabay sa pagbasa at pagsususri ng iba't ibang teksto   
    padayon sa pananaliksik   
1 pc.  Pagbasa at pagsusuri sa iba't ibang teksto tungo sa pananaliksik   
1 pc.  Komunikasyon at pananalisik sa wika at kulturang pilipino (Gonzalves)  
1 pc.  Komunikasyon at pananalisik sa wika at kulturang pilipino (Baronda)   
1 pc.  Literatura ng iba't ibang rehiyon ng Pilipinas   
1 pc.  Sanayang aklat sa Araling Panlipunan baitang 9: Ekonomiks   
1 pc.  Pagtuturo at pagtataya sa pagbasa at pagsulat   
1 pc.  Ang sining ng pagtuturo ng filipino sa kurikulum na k to 12    
1 pc.  Kontemporaryong pamahayagang pangkampus   
1 pc.  Ang pagtuturo ng wika, panilitikan, at kultura   
1 pc.  The teaching profession   
1 pc.  Ang sining ng pagtuturo ng Filipino kurikulum na k to 12  
    BSBA Major in human resource development management   
1 pc.  Business Plan     
1 pc.  Family business law declassified   
    Bachelor of Arts in Communication Studies   
1 pc.  Public relations management in media and journalism   
    Bachelor of Science in Social Work   
1 pc.  Personality Developemnt   
    Bachelor of Public Administration   
1 pc.  Understanding public policy: theories, concepts and application   
    General Education     
1 pc.  Personal Development     


Approved Appropriation: Php 231,086.00