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small value (PR #18-3659)

The Project is open for bidding
Quantity Unit Item Description
33 pcs Polo shirt SK uniform, Red with print back & front, SK logo
    red & white combination, and personalized name
33 pcs Polo shirt uniform, White with print back & front, SK logo
    white & red combination, and personalized name
    size: XS-6, S-7, M-14, L-2, XL-3, XXXL-1
350 pcs Red T-shirt, with print back & front
    size: XS-38, S-94, M-133, L-58, XL-16, XXL-6
    XXXL-4, XXXXL-1  
350 pcs Triangular head bandage with print (SK logo Valenzuela City)
    8 colors/ 42pcs each, green, red, maroon, violet, dark blue
    light blue, fushia pink, baby pink
350 pcs Sling bag, blue water proof with full color print


Approved Appropriation: Php 159,830.00