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Quantity Unit Item Description Unit Price
    Repair and rehabilitation of Toyota Corolla with Plate No. SGZ-868  
1 lot Labor and material-for body repair and repainting job &   
    tinsmith using K-92 top coat Anzahl paint   
1 lot Labor replace all busted bulb, check all harness connections  
2 pcs Head Light Assembly     
2 pcs Signal light assembly    
1 set Wifer motor assembly     
1 pc Wifer linkage     
2 pcs Head light bulb     
1 set horn     
1 pc Auxillary fan     
1 lot Engine tune up     
4 pc Spark plug     
1 pc Air filter     
1 pc Silicon Gasket     
1 lot Underchassis replacement of wheel bearing shock absorber,   
    steering boots, tie rod & ball joint   
1 lot Labor -pull down power steering rack end for overhaul and replace   
    oil seals     
1 lot Brake cleaning front and rear   
2 pc Shock absorber     
2 pc CV joint    
2 pc Tie rod end    
2 pc steering boots    
1 pc Wheel bearing     
2 pc Ball joint    
2 pc Inner handle    
4 pc Power steering oil seal     
1 set Carb kit    
1 set Trunk Lock     
2 liters ATF    
1 lot Labor General cleaning of auto aircon   
1 lot Capilla oil 134 a    
1 lot Aluminum cleaner    
1 lot Leak test    
1 lot Carbon tetra for flushing  
1 lot Freon gas 134a    
    * Car type = automatic    
    *year model= 2010    


Approved Appropriation: Php 105,955.00