Bids and Awards

small value (PR #18-0625)

The Project is open for bidding
QTY UNIT                                              DESCRIPTION  
1 pc Chairman microphone for microphone discussion system
12 pc Delegate microphone for microphone discussion system
1 pc Interface and PSU for microphone discussion system
1 pc Mixing amplifier - 200w 100v with output zones
8 pcs 6.5" dual cone loudspeaker white 
    dual cone built-in 6.5 100v loudspeaker high quality ABS
2 sets Vocal set handheld wireless microphone system
     frequecy: 548-572mhz  
    transmitter with e835 capsule
    8 frequency banks with 12 channels
2 pc Wall mount speaker  
    6.5 design 2 way cabinet loudspeaker
1 lot Materials: metal shielded RJ 45 connectors, PVC pies,
    power outlets, junction box, rubber/electrical tape,
    belt brackets, hose clamps, pole clamps, flexible hose,
    tie cables, spiral tube, circular loom, bracket, HDMI cables
9 rolls Speaker Cable  
1 roll Cat5e stranded UTP cable
1 pc UPS 625VA  
1 pc 2ft data cabinet  
1 lot Installation, cable pulling (rough-ins) termination,
    configuration, zoning, commissioning, labor,
    on-site project management & training, trasportation,
    accomodation, equipments and mobilization
                   ******nothing follows********


Approved Appropriation: Php 752,430.00