Bids and Awards

small value (PR #18-2424)

The Project is open for bidding
Quantity Unit Item Description
15 pcs Ink for Epson L360(No.664) Black  
10 pcs Ribbon Cartridge for Epson LX-310  
2 pcs Toner for laserjet Printer HP LL300   
    Toner ink code Q7551  
50 pcs Ballpen panda(black)  
25 pcs Ballpen Pilot (Black/Blue)  
30 reams Copy paper ,substance 20(long)  
20 reams Copy paper ,substance 20(short)  
100 pcs Folder- expanded (long)  
10 pcs Marker, permanent black  
2 boxes Rubberband flat big  
50 pcs Sign pen first class 0.7 (blue)  
10 rolls Tape masking 24mm x 50m  
10 rolls Tape ttransparent 24mm  
10 cart Ribbon Cartridge for Epson LX-310  
10 pcs Touch and Go correction fluid  
1 pc Master roll CPMT 21  
10 pcs Rewritable CD  
10 pcs Clip board folder  
200 pcs Ordinary folder  
2 pcs Duct tape (silver)  
10 refill Ink for Brother DCP -T300  
25 boxes Staple wire no. 35(max)  
10 pcs Stenographer  
50 pcs Corrugated boxes   
    standard size, Pag-ibig style brown  
40 reams Copy paper, Substance 20 (long)  
20 reams Copy paper substance 20(short)  
8 pcs Brother Multicolored Ink BT 5000 CMY   
    (blue,yellow, red) 2 each  
10 pcs Ribbon Cartridge for Epson LX-310  
100 pcs Paper clamp(black)small size
100 pcs Ordinary envelope (long)
20 pcs Manila paper  


Approved Appropriation: Php 81,057.00