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Quantity Unit Item Description
500 packs  Go Bag ni lolot lola   
    Adult diaper   
    Cotton balls 150's i pack 
    Alcohol 500ml 1 box   
    Micropore - paper tape 
    Band - apod plastic strips 
    Gauze pads   
    Bath soaps  
    Antiseptic solution   
    Hydrogen peroxide 1 btl.
    Roll of tissue   
50 sets  Home care volunteer kits 
    Blood pressure apparatus 
    1 box of face masks   
    1 box of gauze pad   
    1 box of latex examination gloves 
    Cotton balls   
    Thermometer - 1 unit   
    Antiseptic solution   
240 pcs. AA Battery (For blood pressure apparatus) 
60 sets  CR2032 Lithium Cell 3V Batteries  (blood pressure apparatus) 
60 pcs.  Blood sugar strips  
30 pcs.  LR41 batteries (for thermometer) 


Approved Appropriation: Php 692,000.00