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Small Value (PR # 17-3995)

The Project is open for bidding
Quantity Unit Item Description
10,800 pc cefalexin cap 500mg  
7,400 pc co-amoxiclav 625mg tab  
1,050 btl salbutamol 2mg syrup 60ml  
3,000 pc amoxicillin cap 500mg  
11,000 pc ascorbic acid 500mg tab  
5,000 pc aspirin 80mg tab  
1,200 pc clonidine HC 75mg  
2,000 pc cotrimoxazole 800mg/160mg tab  
3,000 pc gliclazide 80mg tab  
2,000 pc irbesartan 150mg tab  
950 btl amoxicillin 100mg/ml drops  
100 btl diphenhydramine 12.5mg 60ml  
2,000 pc mefenamic acid 500mg cap  
100 pc mefenamic acid susp 50mg  
30,000 pc metformin 500mg tab  
1,000 pc salbutamol 2mg tab  
5,000 pc vitex negundo cap 600mg  
700 btl ascorbic acid 100mg/5ml drop  


Approved Appropriation:Php327,406.00