Bids and Awards

small value (PR #17-3832)

The Project is open for bidding
    Note: Same Design as per attached Lay-out     
948 pcs T-shirt and Short      
    Team South -Yellow Gold     
    Team East- Emerald Green     
    Team North- Aqua Marine    
    Team Central- Red      
530 pcs  T-Shirt and Short      
    Cong. I- Black Short      
    Cong.II- Red/Apple Green     
156 pcs Coaches ( Tshirt and Shorts )    
    Team South -Yellow Gold     
    Team East -Emerald Green    
    Team North- Aqua marine    
82 pcs  T-Shirt and Short      
    Cong. I- Black       
    Cong II- Red / Apple Green    
230 pcs Officiating Officials Black    
180 pcs Officials of The Meet      
    Dark Grey with piping in the collar and sleeves Blue and Red    
75 pcs Working Committe Members     
    White T-Shirt w/ Collar with piping in the Collar    
51 pcs DCS-SGOD- Task Force    
    on the School Sports Red with piping in the collar and     
    sleeves-dark blue ,white and Red    


Approved Appropriation: Php726,280.00