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Small Value (PR # 17-3657)

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Quantity Unit Item Description
1 piece Statistics from A to Z confusing concepts clarified 
1 piece Critical educational psychology
1 piece Special educational needs & disability the basics 2nd ed
1 piece The survival guide for kids with LD ( learning Differences )
1 piece Educational psychology an Asia edition
1 piece Fairness in educational essesment and measurement 
1 piece Essentials of Roschach assessment
1 piece Psychological testing principles applications and issues 9th ed
1 piece The international handbook of suicide prevention 
1 piece Principles and applications of assessment in counseling 5th ed
1 piece Human heredity principles and issues 10th ed 
1 piece A dictionary of genetics 8th ed
1 piece Strategies for including children with special needs in early childhood settings
1 piece Supporting childrean with sensory impairment
1 piece Supporting children with dyslexia 2nd ed
1 piece Race and human society
1 piece The sociology of the individual relating self and society
1 piece Essentials of interviewing a programmed approach to effective communication 9th ed  
1 piece Institutions unbound social worlds and human rights
1 piece The sociology of food eating and the place of food 
1 piece The action research guidebook a process for pursuing equity and excelence
    in education  
1 piece Development & social change a global perspective 6th ed 
1 piece Sustainability 2nd ed  
1 piece Key concepts in gender studies 2nd ed 
1 piece Crisis communication and crisis management an ethical approach
1 piece Child and adolescent development in your classroom typical approach 3rd ed
1 piece Education and technology Key issues and debates 2nd ed
1 piece Collective efficacy how educators beliefs impact student learning
1 piece The other side of the report card assessing students social emotional
    and characte development
1 piece Leading school teams building trust to promote student learning
1 piece How the special needs brain needs 3rd 3d
1 piece The principal as curriculum leader
1 piece Student centered coaching the moves
1 piece Reading for results  
1 piece Literacy helping students construct meaning
1 piece Leading for literacy a reading apprenticeship approach

Approved Appropriation:Php146,665.00