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Small Value (PR # 17-3655)

The Project is open for bidding
Quantity Unit Item Description
1 piece Essentials of psychological concepts and applications 5th ed
1 piece Principles of psychology
1 piece Developmental psychology & human development
1 piece Essentials of psychological testing 2nd ed
1 piece Truth and the unconscious in psycho analysis 
1 piece Culture and psychology 6th ed
1 piece The psychology of conflict mediating in a diverse world 
1 piece Counseling theory and practice of counseling and psychotherapy 10th ed
1 piece The philosophy of social research
1 piece Newtonian mechanics  
1 piece Electrical wiring industrial 15th ed
1 piece I eat therefore i think food and philosophy
1 piece Why current affairs need social theory
1 piece Knowledge and sharing and e learning tools techniques and applicators
1 piece Education in the digital world new platforms and models
1 piece The multipe identities of the reception teacher pedagogy and purpose
1 piece Enhancing teaching practice in higher education 
1 piece Tecnology curriculum and material development in education
1 piece The changing landscape of school leadership
1 piece Childrens literature in primary schools 2 e 

Approved Appropriation:Php113,355.00