Bids and Awards

Small Value (PR # 17-3654)

The Project is open for bidding
Quantity Unit Item Description
1 piece Problem Solving   
1 piece Komunikasyon sa akademikong pilipino -ikatlong edisyon
1 piece Study and thinking skills
1 piece English 1 critical reading and effective/engaged writing for the 21st 
    century Filipino student
1 piece Population education  
1 piece A practical approach to aesthetics :going beyond art appreciation
1 piece Managing crisis and man -made disasters
1 piece Disaster readiness and risk reduction with DVD
1 piece Engaging silence climbing Mt.Tabor Faithful 
1 piece Doing ethics introduction to moral philosophy
1 piece Special Education  
1 piece Special Education  
1 piece Special Education  
1 piece Educational technology 1
1 piece Discussions and more :oral fluency practice 
1 piece Techers aducation its concepts knowledge base 
1 piece Becoming the 21st century educational leader
1 piece For the chosen few a guide to classroom supervision
1 piece Emergent technologies based teachign strategies 
1 piece Teaching college students how to solve real-life moral dillemas an ethical 
    compass for quarterlifers
1 piece Effective schools and effective principles
1 piece Mother tongue-base multilingual education guide for teacher educators 
    and students   
1 piece Principles of teaching 1 ( Ched Accredited )
1 piece Educational Evaluation  
1 piece Classroom assessment 1 
1 piece Field study 2 a joyful teaching learning journey 2 
1 piece Classroom assessment 2
1 piece Assessment of learning 2 
1 piece Field study 1-6  
1 piece Methods of teaching   
1 piece My practice teaching journey an experimental learning program handbook
    and porfolio  
1 piece Inclusive and integrated approaches to special education
1 piece The critical graduate experience an ethics of higher education 
1 piece Mathematics and ESAS pre-board solved problems
1 piece Teaching of social studies
1 piece Biological science  
1 piece Learning manual on the introduction to philosophy and the verbal and 
    non verbal logic a basic tool of life ( with work ethics values and human rights)
1 piece Physical science a modular approach
1 piece Physical science  
1 piece Politics governance and constitution of the Phils
1 piece Introduction to educational technology
1 piece Modern techniques in teaching 
1 piece Teaching and learning languanges and multiracies responding to the 
1 piece MTB-MLE challenge  
1 piece Recritment and selection
1 piece Total quality management 
1 piece Total quality management 
1 piece Compensation administration
1 piece Inventory management and control
1 piece Human resource forecasting and planning  
1 piece Business policy and strategy
1 piece Labor laws and social legislation
1 piece Financial Managementprinciples and applications vol.2
1 piece Statistics and probability K-12
1 piece Earth and life sciences for senior High
1 piece Practical research 2 on qualitative research K-12
1 piece Community engagement solidarity and citizenship K-12 
1 piece School psychology ethical practices
1 piece Psychology of learning and development
1 piece Social psychology  
1 piece Development and social change 

Approved Appropriation:Php77,916.00