Facts & Figures
Educational Facilities Public Private Total
Day Care Centers 80 23 103
Preparatory 41 75 116
Secondary 19 41 60
Tertiary 2 7 9
Technical 1 12 13

Health Facilities Public Private Total
Hospitals 2 5 7
Health Centers 47 0 47
Lying-In Clinics 3 24 27

Recreational Facilities Total
Parks & Playgrounds 1
Covered Courts 50
Open Courts 4
Resorts 14
Hotels/Motels 3
Cinemas/Theaters 6
Cockpit Arena 1
Citizen's Charter

The Valenzuela Citizen's Charter is a covenant to maintain a standard of excellence in public service that the city is committed to provide.

The dawn of the information age has signalled the rapid development of new systems in governance that needs to address people's concerns at the soonest time possible without sacrificing the quality of service and courtesy required of government employees.

With this Charter, the public is introduced to a guide on the standard of service that will afford them with the necessary information on how to proceed with any type of transaction with the City Government.

This will serve as the "Code" for the City Government employees in providing excellent service. It reminds them of the nature of their assigned tasks and the level of performance expected of them to accomplish. It is a mirror of a transparent and accountable government.

This also serves as a mechanism to promote people's participation in governance by letting their voices heard. As such, also contained therein are the communication channels where the public can provide comments and suggestions on the service they have been provided with. And, if it so warranted, we also encourage through the proper procedures and mediums, filing of complaints in relation to requests and applications which were unsatisfactorily served. The support and vigilance of the public are necessary to strengthen the entire system, and to improve on aspects and procedures which could have been overlooked.

Through the Valenzuela City Citizen's Charter we welcome everyone to transact with the City Government.