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Item Quantity Unit Item Description
1 5 units Nebulizer battery operated  
      Average particle size: 4.8um  
      Nebulization capacity: greater than 0.25ml/minute (approx.)
      Ultrasound Frequency: 100khz  
      Medicine tank capacity: 2ml to 10ml
      Power: AAA Alkaline battery x 2 or AC adaptor
                (110 V-240V, 50-60Hz, 0.15A)
      Operating conditions: Temperature °C
                Humidity: Less than 80% R.H
                non condensing  
      Storage conditions: Temperature: 10 °C   ? 45 °C  
                Humidity: Less than 80% R.H
                non condensing  
      Package Includes:  
      Main Nebulizer  
      Mesh Module  
      Mask for adult  
      Mask for Child  
      Mask Connector  
      Storage pouch  
      Instruction Manual  
      AA Alkaline battery x 2  
2 4 units Manual Suction hanheld made in USA


Approved Appropriation:Php63,200.00